Discover the Path to Relationship Freedom with Robyn McTague

Today’s special expert guest is Robyn McTague, someone who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs understand why they do what they do and how to have better relationships and engagement.

In this episode, she reveals the way to identify the difference between a personality conflict and a motivational conflict, and how to resolve or avoid the situation all together.

Robyn is the Creator of A Life of Choice Coaching & Consulting, which takes a deep dive into understanding why we do what we do to create a life of freedom and choice. Robyn combines expertise in science and metaphysics, and she has created a unique holistic approach bringing alignment, authenticity, and connection within ourselves and others. Her work includes building communication, engagement and harmony within teams, resulting in more profits and success.

Today you’ll hear about:

  • How Robyn’s upbringing led her to the important work she does today 


  • The key benefits business owners can see by working with her


  • Her insights on approaching conflicts between business owners and their clients 

  • How contracts are for both parties’ protection, and setting up parameters sets expectations


  • Robyn’s advice for preparing for hiring as a solopreneur 

  • Ways you can use the motivation map in HR and the hiring process 


  • Motivation maps for teens when entering post-secondary education or entering the workforce 

Whether it’s for business or personal, understanding the relationships you have is key, and I’m grateful for Robyn coming onto the podcast to share her wisdom on this topic. I encourage you to visit her website and check out all the resources she has on discovering the path to relationship freedom, and increasing your energy, engagement and quality of life. Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you back here next week with a brand-new episode. 

Mentioned in the episode:

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Key Quotes:

“I want to learn more and help people more because the more we understand ourselves, the more we can really be who we are, be authentic, and have those relationships that aren't undercurrents of tension.” [Robyn, 2:58]


“When we come into entrepreneurship, do you think it's great and you’re going to do all these things [together], but when we have the first conflict it is a big eye-opener.” [Robyn, 8:50]

 “Be open and not defensive, because often that's what happens. We have that defensiveness, so we’re not really open to listening.” [Robyn, 11:23]


“What are the fun things you like to do? What lights you up? That’s what part of it is, motivation equals energy.” [Robyn, 19:19]


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