Balancing your business and your life can feel impossible if you’re not focused on the right things, so I’m excited to share with you a recent conversation I had with an expert on this subject, Michelle Ricketts of Cohesion Services, whose proven process integrates people with systems and operations to build a self-sustaining business that can handle everyday challenges. 

Overall health and fitness always played a part in Michelle’s life, her 35 year corporate career, and continue to be important in her consulting approach today, differentiating her from others in the industry. Michelle guides business owners, influencers, and SMBs to develop a self-sustaining business, increase revenues, and take back time to do things that excite them!

Today you’ll hear about:
  • What Michelle’s entrepreneurial journey has looked like and what she considers her “secret sauce” to be

  • The systems she helps people put in place that allows them to create self-sustaining businesses

  • A look at how wellness systems and legal systems can work together

  • The key pieces to have in your contracts and the way that templates can help in this process

  • What to always keep in mind about the importance of taking time off 

I want to thank Michelle for taking the time to share her valuable insights on getting the key business foundations and systems in place so that you can truly enjoy life and business, and I encourage you to visit her website and connect with Michelle on social media to see all things that Cohesion Services has to offer. 

Mentioned in the episode:

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