For this week’s episode, I decided to try something a little bit different and take you with me, in real time, an actual filing process for a Canadian copyright registration for my online program, The Canadian Online Legal Template Library. 

Today you’ll hear about:
  • The reasons why you would want to register a copyright

  • What the actual process looks like to file a copyright online and how to find the right form and login for your needs

  • How to properly file ownership plus some other important things to consider for the future

  • What the declaration is and the way to choose the best option for your situation

  • A closer look at the payment and filing process on the website

  • The difference between a copyright and a trademark 

So strap yourself in and come along for the ride, as I take you through the process on the website and click on menus to show you what is involved in this process. The links to the resources I mentioned in this episode are listed below, and for more valuable resources, including my Ultimate Checklist for Running a Business Online in Canada, don’t forget to visit my website at

Mentioned in the episode:

Canadian Intellectual Property Office 

Spreadsheet to Track Important Copyright Details

How Does My Content Get Protected By Copyright?

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