In this episode, we're talking about litigation and how to break the whole process down into small, manageable steps, as this is a process that can often be overwhelming and all-consuming.

Today’s expert guest is Matt Canzer, and throughout his journey he has been able to simplify the litigation process by creating resources that help people deal with the process one step at a time.

As founder of Butterfly Legal, Matt empowers self-represented clients with on-demand legal coaching. He is a licensed, practicing lawyer with experience in criminal prosecution, personal injury litigation, and mental health law advocacy. He also supervises law graduates serving underserved communities at the Everyone Legal Clinic. He is dedicated to using legal technology to meaningfully address the Access to Justice crisis with innovative, efficient delivery models for legal services.

Today you’ll hear about:

  • Matt’s journey from legal firm life to offering services for litigation coaching

  • The factors that come into play when people decide to self-represent during litigation

  • The way in which Matt carefully identified all the places where people get stuck in the litigation process in order to determine how he could help others

  • What to consider if you are a small business owner entering into litigation while running your company simultaneously 

  • The common types of claims that arise for small businesses

  • How to decide whether litigation is worthwhile in your situation or something you should avoid pursuing

  • What to know about demand letters and the ways they can be helpful 

If you’re in need of legal coaching for litigation matters, I encourage you to visit Matt’s website to see how Butterfly Legal can help you in this process. I’m grateful Matt joined me on the podcast to share his insights with you today, and stay tuned for more informative interviews with expert guests that I’ll have for you in the coming weeks.  

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