Privacy is something myself and past guests have spoken about on the podcast before, and today I want to focus on the most important thing to have nailed down when it comes to privacy in your business.

I’m talking about having a privacy officer for your business, because to follow federal and provincial legislation, identifying and appointing this person is mandatory to comply with those legislations.

Today you’ll hear about:

  • Why privacy is such an important thing to consider for your business 

  • What the responsibilities of your privacy officer will entail

  • Ways in which privacy impact assessments can assist you

  • Best practices for handling privacy in contracts

  • How to approach choosing a privacy officer within your business

  • Tips for putting privacy management plan and privacy breach plans in place 

I hope this episode helps answer any questions that you may have about the role of a privacy officer, who this person is and what they are responsible for, and I encourage you to check out the previous episodes listed below to learn even more about privacy in your business.

Mentioned in the episode:

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Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy Tips for Online Businesses with Braden Newell 

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